Justin Newhart (’10) Promotes Local Louisiana Businesses

My name is Justin Newhart and I am the Marketing Director for several small businesses near Baton Rouge, LA .I graduated from UNC Asheville in May of 2010 with a degree in Classical Studies. Instead of immediately joining the workforce, I applied and was accepted into the Preservation Studies Masters degree program at Tulane University. Once I graduated from Tulane, I was an expert in the field of historic unnamedpreservation and architectural history, and moved upriver from New Orleans to Darrow, where I managed Bocage Plantation. I was eventually hired by The Cabin Restaurant group to handle the marketing activities for the restaurant, as well as the Cajun Village (a small collection of boutique shops), Bernadette’s Restaurant, and few other family owned businesses.

Although I did not remain in the Classics field after I graduated from UNCA, my major and my internships while enrolled did teach me valuable lessons. Studying the Classics (Greek, Latin, ancient history) requires in-depth critical analysis and consistent research capabilities, both of which were/are critical skills for me in graduate school and which have helped me in my career. The ability to make informed decisions after critically analyzing tourism and marketing research and data drives where I target my marketing efforts on a daily basis. I would be wasting money in my marketing budget if I had not acquired and refined my research and analysis skills at UNCA.

I held a few internships and jobs while at UNCA. One of my summer jobs (and something I volunteered a few years of my time as a student towards) was working as a Student Ambassador in the Admissions Office. Giving tours of campus to prospective students and families really ignited a passion in me that revolved around telling and selling the story and history of place to people. I was able to help connect future Bulldogs to the great traditions and culture of UNCA, much in the same way that I strive to connect people to the historic architecture and unique culture of where I live in south Louisiana. In fact, the skills I gained as a Student Ambassador directly helped me at Bocage Plantation, as I oversaw all tours and helped visitors connect with the historic site.

In sum, my best advice to you is to be present physically, but more importantly mentally,  in whatever jobs or studies you undertake at UNCA. You never know what skills you may learn or what experience you may gain will transfer to your future career once you graduate. It will pay off if you pay attention!

Andrew Johnson (’10) Returns to Recruit for UNC Asheville

profile My name is Andrew Johnson and I am an Admissions Counselor for UNC Asheville.I graduated from UNC Asheville in December of 2010 with a degree in Music: General Performance and a Minor in Business/Marketing.

I started at UNC Asheville with the intention of earning a degree in Psychology and then go to graduate school for something related because I figured I had to. I knew music would be part of my education, but when I dropped Psychology, I officially added Music. The old adage of “Do what you love” was the driving force behind my continuation of music with no other major track in mind; however, three semesters later “Bringing home the bacon” started to creep its way in. So then began my declaration of a marketing minor.

As an Admissions Counselor, I frequently speak with parents who ask “What jobs are your alumni getting?” or “How many people are employed after they graduate with their degree?” I assure them that while I may be an Admissions Counselor, I still very much use my music degree. Furthermore, I also insist that even my marketing minor plays a big role in my current job. Marketing is a huge component of the Admissions process, so much that we borrow help from several departments on campus to help.

My marketing education included an internship at a local WNC summer and retreat camp. My responsibility was to start an actual marketing strategy from scratch. I had to figure out what was important to say and show, how to present it, and who to present it to. As one can imagine, that is an important part of the Admissions recruitment process. In my international marketing course, one of my projects was to create a marketing plan to introduce an established candle product to Brazil. In Admissions, we are constantly seeing where we can expand in recruitment, and much like my project, I am looking at putting an established product in a new area, this time California and western Florida.

pepbandUnfortunately, I am not able to put as much of my musical education into practice as an Admissions counselor as I would like! Be that as it may, I still find plenty of opportunities to make music. I have been involved with UNC Asheville Game Band since my sophomore year, and am now currently acting as the “Assistant Director”. I love UNC Asheville basketball, and I love being able to support them by playing in the game band as well as arranging new songs for the band to play. I also perform with the Blue Ridge Orchestra which is a semi-professional orchestra for Western North Carolina.

I have been recorded on two records with my band on piano and mandolin, and several other tracks for friend’s bands for trombone and mandolin. I do not want to say I will not consider music as a career because I cannot deny my future of something that I love to do! With that, I am continuing my education in graduate school at Western Carolina University with a Masters in College Student Personnel. My time working in higher education has pushed me to strongly considering it as a true career path, and hopefully my music background will be able to work hand in hand with it.

Another question I am asked a lot, typically by parents, is “What is one thing you wish were/you did different at UNC Asheville.” As cliché as it sounds, I always answer with nothing. Of course there are some small things that I wish I did differently like maybe when an intramural sport rather than play 5 years with nothing to show for it. Overall though, everything I did put me where I am now. I have a job I love, recruiting for and admitting the best students for UNC Asheville. I am active in the community making and arranging music. It’s easy to enjoy your job when you love where you work, and your college years were raised in a nationally recognized awesome city!