3/26/20 Covid 19 update from Land of Sky Regional Council

Special legislative updates

Buncombe County- Stay Home, Stay Safe
  • Local declaration for Buncombe county only
  • Interpretive document that breaks down the legalese
  • All Buncombe County residents should stay home without essential functions, including: Grocery store, pharmacy, exercise/movement, healthcare, takeout, give care, receive deliveries
  • Should not go out if sick
  • Don’t work unless essential
  • No contact with people, keep the 6 foot distance
  • No travel unless completely essential
Essential businesses are defined as:
  • Healthcare operations (not exercise/fitness)
  • Government functions
  • Critical infrastructure (construction, utilities, telecom, airports etc.)
  • Essential retail: gas stations, farmers markets, food retail, shipped food (like blue apron), laundromats, auto repair, etc.
  • Educational institutions, providers of essential services to the economic disadvantaged, warehouses, plumbers, exterminators, etc.
  • News Media
  • Child Care services
Minimum basic operation is another thing defined by the order: non essential business is ok if for minimal things…ie. sending someone to check on perishable goods, process payroll etc.
Exception also granted for manufacturers who retool for production of ppe or disinfectants, medical equipment etc.
If someone lives in BC but works out of county: Buncombe county can’t regulate outside counties, so people can travel to work.  Travel into Buncombe county for non BC residents is ok if work is considered essential.  No requirement for documentation saying you’re essential.  Business doesn’t need to prove “essential” either.   email business@buncombecounty.org with questions.
The Policy Group update:
  • Federal updates: Senate passed 2.2 trillion dollars for covid response, Covers all agencies of the federal government, including direct payments to individuals 75k (single) 150k (married jointly) or less eligible for 1200 dollars and 500 per child.  (Likely checks will start arriving in May) IRS will check tax returns and send checks, nothing is required to be filed by individuals.
  • Unemployment insurance, lots of money for both state and federal
  • Money for hospital systems both state and local, money for Personal Protective Equipment
  • Money for farmers seeing losses due to Covid 19 response
  • State and local grants
  • 2.2 trillion is the largest in history for this kind of event
  • 1 or 2 more bills will likely be passed, likely smaller
  • Money for SBA for small business disaster loans
  • Senate passed, house is debating now, pass within the next 2-3 hours
Raleigh updates;
  • Governor has been cautious calling general assembly back into session, wanted to see what was coming from federal government, then call session to maximize the options for the state
  • Covid 19 select committee-Economic development, healthcare, others.
  • More activity to come

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