Cool Opportunities & Thoughts on Our New ‘Normal’

I hope this email finds you well and safe in your social distancing. Every Monday we will be posting about cool opportunities currently on Handshake. These aren’t specific to any major or industry but are more of a cross-section of opportunities.

Cool Job

Cool Internship

Cool Local Job

Sales trainee with a local beer and wine distributor 
Sales and event coordinator with Hotel group in Charlotte

Cool Local Internship

New this week– Virtual!

Some articles for your consideration:

Here’s an article with 33 companies ramping up hiring in the midst of COVID-19. As you’d expect, healthcare is leading the pack, but there are lots of other companies hiring as well. FastCompany also had some ideas.

Thoughts on Our Current ‘Normal’

Finally, I thought I’d share with you my evaluation of the economic outlook regarding the Coronavirus outbreak. There is a lot of information out there, and there’s a lot of speculation regarding the future of the economy.  Much of the media reporting has focused on the negative, and rightly so.  There have been estimates that the unemployment rate might spike as high as 20%, with millions seeking unemployment benefits through the federal government (see our post about some updates on this).

I’m an inherently positive person, so here’s some silver linings.

1. There are sectors of the economy that are hiring like crazy. Healthcare and sciences are to be expected, but also home delivery services, warehousing, shipping and logistics, information technology companies, and many more.  This makes me very hopeful for the future, because these are sectors of the economy that will continue to stay at elevated staffing levels even after the crisis has averted because they will be working through the pent-up demand that will come.  Additionally, these tend to be higher wage positions overall, which will help ease the economy back onto a more healthy footing.

2. Our students are very marketable. You’re problem solvers, good writers and communicators, and you’re driven to make a difference. These are skills that are very much in demand, and our students have them!

The Career Center is here to help. We are here to support students and alumni so please setup an appointment with us on Handshake to talk through any concerns you have, talk about the job search, and more.

In positivity,

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