Networking from a Student’s Perspective

Written By: Maggie Haas & Khadiya Ross

As a student at UNCA I am here to learn and further my education to get the career I want to have. I have found out that your search for a career should start long before you graduate. Knowing people and having connections can get you places you wouldn’t imagine. Speaking with your professors and faculty is a great way to start networking. Making sure you participate, ask questions, talk to them during office hours, and going to your department meet and greets lets them get to know you. Professors are here because they want to help us find a career and go down the right path, if they know you well they might even think of you when they hear of a job. I have even been recommended by professors to connect on LinkedIn with them and other people you know, their network can be a benefit to you once you connect!

The Career Center is awesome with encouraging networking and providing opportunities for it. NextFest, Internship Expo, and weekly Employer Spotlights are amazing for talking to employers and grad schools directly. When you network and talk with them you make it possible for them to connect a face and conversation with a name if it comes across their table later. Talking to anyone at these events could lead to your next career opportunity, even if they do not seem like the type of job you are looking for. These employers at the events are here to talk to students and want to help and it can’t hurt to talk to them. Networking is a really great opportunity to get to know people, their paths to careers, any advice they have for you, and more networks.

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