Get Connected with Employers!

Did you know that your Career Center has dedicated staff who works specifically with employers who want to recruit you?  Hi, I’m David Earnhardt, and I’m the Associate Director for Employer Relations in the Career Center here at UNC Asheville. Every day I talk with employers, internship sites, service year opportunities, and volunteer organizations; and each one is interested in learning more about you! These folks are actively looking for students/alumni who are critical thinkers.  Folks who can work with other people. Employees who are motivated to make an impact on their organizations…and every day I get the chance to share stories about the great work our students do both inside the classroom and in the community that helps build those skills… it’s a great job!


I also meet with students and talk with them about what their goals are and how we can best connect with organizations of best fit in the community. This gives me the opportunity to help students network with professionals, get introductions, and find out #What’sNEXT.  


So how can you make sure you’re making the most of this semester? Start with a conversation with a professional in the Career Center. They can help you identify what you’re passionate about, how to align that with your goals, and can offer guidance on your professional documents to make sure you’re putting your best foot forward.


Employers tell me all the time that they can tell who’s come through the Career Center, and who hasn’t. It’s tempting to put off thinking about your time after UNC Asheville, and delay working with the Career Center until after you’ve completed your senior year.  I’ve seen that temptation lead to stress and anxiety that’s completely avoidable! Some small time investments now will pay big dividends when you graduate…so come on in, the Career Center’s a great place to be!


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